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The latest U.S. Trade Actions and Tariffs

A Letter from Allports Incorporated

Dated: August 14, 2018


Section 232, commonly referred to as the “Steel and Aluminum Tariffs” which covers importation of steel and aluminum from origins including, but not limited to, China. Importers began seeing increased tariff rates as early as March 23rd, 2018 with increased scope through June 1st, 2018. Approximately 92 tariff classifications are effected.

Section 301- “List 1” covered 818 tariff classifications and came into effect July 6th, 2018. These commodities are now subject to additional 25% rate of duty.

Section 301- “List 2” covers 279 tariff classifications and has completed public comments through the US Trade Registrar. List 2  become effective August 23rd, 2018. Importers may request exclusions from the 25% tariff on this list. The deadline is December 18th.

Section 301- “List 3” has finalized the public comment period and will become effective Monday, September 24th. For cargo entering the US during the period of September 24th through December 31st, the effective duty rate will be an additional 10% of existing tariff rates. Cargo entering the US beginning January 1st, 2019 will be subject to an additional 25% duty rate

A Letter from Allports Incorporated

Dated: September 18, 2018

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